Shell V-Power is a premium grade gasoline that actively cleans your car engine for better performance. It is formulated to clean up deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors left behind by ordinary gasolines. Get the best performance from your car…

Shell Regular Unleaded Gasoline is without a doubt Guam’s highest quality gasoline available for your car, truck or watercraft. Shell Regular Unleaded is a TOP TIER gasoline which exceeds the US Government standards twofold.

Whether your needs are for a diesel fuel to drive your personal, recreational or commercial car, bus or truck, Shell has the right fuel for your needs. We will supply you with Shell Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, a 15ppm sulfur diesel product.

IP&E Ultra Diesel, an Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel product, emits 99.7% less sulfur into the air than conventional diesel fuels. We’re proud to be the first to market Ultra Diesel on Guam and the CNMI. This is our way of helping to build a better tomorrow.